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We can say that the majority take out an coverage to insure their building in Cyprus, which generally covers various occasions, especially hearth, earthquake, burst pipes, flooding, acts of God etc. One can not be too certain wherein the motive of harm will come from, so, it’s far our opinion that a building have to be covered for all eventualities, although this has a slightly better coverage fee. Special care is needed however when signing the insurance coverage for the so called “exclusion clauses”.

One such exclusion clause is if a constructing is damaged as a result of a bush fireplace, there is no cover (until you so stipulate). Other clauses which can be of a unique interest for buildings, is if a constructing isn’t always occupied for a period of 30 days continuously, however you will locate which you aren’t covered (practically all excursion houses). So and we recognise how hard and incomprehensible is an insurance coverage to understand, pay special attention to the exclusion clauses and insists on an all risks and situations coverage.


Some insurance companies stipulate that they cover the alternative cost of the constructing or they cowl the fee of the building. The distinction is if as an instance you have a constructing, which has no fee as such, e.G. Due to the fact it’s far very antique and/or due to the fact the land value is so high that the buildings haven’t any delivered price as such, you may discover that the insurance co will not pay. If as an instance you own an vintage house on a Makarios Avenue plot with €2.0 mil. Development fee and your building is broken, then the insurance employer can claim that for the reason that value of the belongings is observed within the land, there is no damage payable, notwithstanding the fact that the coverage agency become satisfied in an effort to insure the constructing at the price that you stipulate. However, even in this example with the €2.0 mil. Plot, if the only issue you want is to have the cash to rebuild it, you will be uninsured. So in this example you should take out an insurance primarily based at the alternative fee. The coverage corporation can pay simplest if and when you truly adopt to rebuild the residence. So do now not expect that you may maintain your €2.Zero mil. Plot and get the replacement cost of your property with out rebuild it. If however you do no longer insure the cost of this residence, however you insure its replacement fee, then the insurance organization is vulnerable to cover you for the rebuild.

Also you may discover on many events, that the alternative value is better than the market cost of the constructing. If we are to take an elderly condominium of a low first-class and constrained call for, having a marketplace/income value of (say a hundred sq.Mts.) of €90.000, the alternative price is probably more than €one hundred and five.000. So be very careful and we suggest you insure your constructing on a alternative cost foundation, i.E. The price of demolition, clearance, new layout and permit prices, construction constructing charges, V.A.T. And so forth. As a demonstration of the cost nowadays for an normal condominium, the substitute value is about €1100/squarem. Replacement cost means rebuilding the belongings as new, but with using the substances/exceptional that the constructing has. So you can’t declare the sum to update your constructing with granite floors, seeing that what you have got in your property are mosaic tiles, outdated kitchen and timber home windows and so forth. The insurance organization must cover the value of rebuilding primarily based at the same, or as close to the equal materials/excellent. Care is wanted but considering if in your effort to reduce the coverage invoice, you estimate a alternative value decrease than the actual, then the coverage business enterprise can pay the analogous decreased quantity. (If your house has a substitute value of €one hundred.000 and your coverage is for €70.000, the insurance organization can pay only 70% of the substitute cost – If you over estimate your own home, the insurance employer will only pay the actual quantity as a maximum).

Another trouble which you must remember is that over and above the substitute cost of your building, you ought to recall additionally the not unusual regions, consisting of basements, parking, swimming pool, cost of clearance and so forth. For this reason it’s far encouraged that in the case of a building/challenge which comprises severa gadgets, a comprehensive evaluation is made at regular periods (say every 2-3 years), with a view to cowl the devices themselves and the not unusual areas as properly. Bearing in mind that constructing costs increase by around 7%-10% p.A., this is exceptionally encouraged.

Another trouble, that’s pretty tough to remedy, is what occurs if in a comprehensive venture e.G. A block of residences of 10 apartments, eight units are completely protected, while the opposite are both beneath insured or don’t have any coverage at all! In such occasion the task can not be rebuilt (since the alternative fee is paid when you genuinely replace

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