Insurance to Cover Insurance

Yes it has come to this. Customers who honorably pay their inflated insurance premiums dutifully and on time have to wonder what games their insurance company will play to deny or reduce their claim should the time arise that they ever need to file a claim. This insurance lunacy runs the gambit of all insurance arenas including auto, health, life, and property and has customers so scared of being denied or canceled when they file a legitimate and contractually obligated claim that people who have acute chest pains, for example, refuse to get checked out as they do not want to pay the bill and they are deathly afraid of a negative result getting back to their insurance carrier as either their premiums would increase dramatically or they will be canceled. Enough is enough.
It is not fair that a consumer who pays on time and in good faith is subjected to such demeaning and bad faith practices by the company the consumer specifically contracted to offset perceived and potential risk. It is not fair that the insurance company immediately takes an adversarial and intimidating stance any time any of its customers files a claim as the insurance company tortuously and unconstitutionally convicts the customer of filing a fraudulent claim without probable cause or evidence and mandates that the burden of proof of innocence is on the consumer. It is not fair that the insurance company adjustor is working against the interest of the customer while acting like the customer’s best friend. It is not fair that the adjustor will savagely and sadistically employ psychological warfare against the in-duress customer in order to trap the customer in to making statements that will be leveraged to reduce or deny the claim. It is not fair that all regulatory bodies consider such unethical consumer abusing and bad faith practices as legitimate and fair practices. It is truly not fair that a consumer who employs the same bad faith tactics against the insurance company is guilty of insurance fraud but there are no penalties or consideration for the reverse injustice herein coined as “consumer fraud”. No, consumer fraud is BIG business and the insurance companies are well leveraged to protect themselves from any potential liability for their bad faith policies and procedures.
While the concept of insurance to cover insurance is enticing, alas, it is unreasonable. Any risk assessment professional would cower at the prospect of insuring that the insurance company lives up to its contractually obligated policy. The risk assessment professional would know that despite the insurance company parking its Lamborghini outside the governmental assistance office and changing into its designer “poor” clothes before crying poverty, the insurance company is flush with cash and has spent a considerable amount to protect its “good neighbor” image. The costs and time associated with having to mitigate of all the insurance company’s lies, deception, manipulation, and bad faith legalese make the concept of insurance to cover insurance a losing proposition.
As destitute as it sounds… there is HOPE. A professional independent water damage restoration company will have the resources and experience required to restore the customer’s water damaged asset to its preloss condition by using a restoration company that is customer focused and will do everything it takes to satisfy the customer – not the lap dog of the insurance adjustor whose only ambition is to get a bone from the adjuster.
It’s your money.
It’s your choice.
Choose Wisely
Choose a customer focused, independent emergency restoration company.

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